Watching on television, golf may seem to be a slow-paced sport that requires little physical effort. However, for anyone who has played the game, the power, strength and endurance needed to complete a round is athletically impressive. The explosive action of the golf swing places significant stress on joints and the rotational torque of the trunk requires controlled flexibility from the neck thru the core to your lower back. Consequently, if you are not strong enough and mobile enough, your hitting power is limited and your risk of injury increases. A golf resistance trainer can allow you to generate more power with less effort for greater club head speed. Too many golfers think that club head speed is merely an exertion of power and fail to fully develop the coordinated swing strength they need.

How Golfers Benefit from a Resistance Workout

Using a golf resistance trainer is an alternative form of strength training that can use weights or a resistance training aid to strengthen core muscles while enabling key joints to become flexible enough to cope with the additional stress and strain. Golfers often fail to understand that his or her swing faults are the result of poor fitness and a lack of flexibility. Injuries often occur when a golfer has the power and strength but lacks mobility to swing the club correctly. A golf fitness program can be used to:

  • build lean muscle mass while reducing fat
  • gain a firmer structure for better feel
  • achieve a higher level of conditioning
  • feel less fatigued with more energy

In addition to improving your overall quality of life, a golf resistance trainer will allow you to hit the ball longer with a reduced a risk of fatigue. Nonetheless, to increase your overall strength, you need to work on the fluid motions that allow for powerful rotations. Resistance training aids like the Twitch Trainer allow muscles to extend for maximum strength gains while developing the power & control to improve your golf game without heavy lifting.

Golf Swing Training for Faster Club Head Speeds

Most players understand that the goal in golf is to swing the club faster in order to hit the ball farther. After all, you have likely watched a newcomer at the driving range attack the tee box with great force but failed to hit a big shot. That said, it is useless to pack on bulky, disproportionate muscles for extra yards without better shot control. Upper body strength, rotational flexibility and lower body power play an important role in delivering speed and control; but putting it all together is the key to success. To do that, you need the mobility to make a bigger turn off the ball, increase your swing speed and deliver a coordinated movement that smashes your shots. Increasing the total amount of force produced by each movement is an excellent way to develop the rotational power required for a faster club head speed. Without a golf resistance trainer, many golfers have wasted time in the gym engaged in strength training that failed to produce additional length on the course.