Rotational power allows you to control the clubhead during your backswing and moving forward through the downswing. The speed you generate and the power you create determines maximum impact and the distance the ball travels. Too often, driving distance is limited when a golfer lacks the strength to properly coil and uncoil during his or her swing. That’s why the Twitch Trainer uses your legs, core muscles, lower body, shoulders and arms to develop rotational power. By adding the natural drag of wind resistance, you are training your body to remain stable under a specific load for better swing accuracy. Designed to strengthen all components body parts, our rotational power training aid allows you to transfer force powerfully through the hitting zone. But, the best feature of our proven program is that all your movements build on each other for better control over rotational power.

Anti-Rotation Strength Training Aid

Most golfers completely overlook the need to have the strength and ability to decelerate through phases of the golf swing. Twitch Trainer develops power for anti-rotation, as the body coils and uncoils during each swing. Listed are keys to building rotational strength:

  • develop stronger core movements
  • develop better control over twisting motions
  • develop flexibility for a full-body turn
  • develop anti-rotation stability for deceleration

As your body develops the strength to withstand rotational forces, the increased control over deceleration will allow you to transfer more power through a faster swing speed. If you invest the time using our rotational power training aid, you can fine tune your swing to deliver power with the swing accuracy for more on-center contact with the club face.

Best Strength Training for Rotational Power

Golfers of all ages benefit from strength training that increases their rotational power. When it comes to hitting the ball farther, Twitch Trainer allows you to create a customized strength training program to maximize your swing speed while developing more powerful motions and controlled body movements. Every repetition starts with you addressing the shot and establishing the stance you need to transfer your weight to the back foot while your shoulder turn sets the coil and positions the club head. As anti-rotation forces reverse the energy and the upper body is allowed to uncoil, the club head attains maximum angular velocity before impacting the ball. The resistance created by the Twitch Trainer requires you to apply strength to maintain good control over your body and allows for faster core movements for rotational and anti-rotational transfer of force. With increased strength and more coordinated motions, you gain the balance necessary to deliver maximum power at impact with golf ball. Just “swing it” and you can “bring it” on course.