An increase in power that comes from golf strength training does not necessarily mean greater distance. Although you may have the power to drive a club through heavy grass in the rough, you may lack the flexibility and strength to deliver a higher club speed off the tee box. Unless you develop the ability to control the power that you are adding, you may find it difficult to coordinate the physical movements needed to produce the intended shot. We have all seen golfers with a great physical build and lots of brute power who did not have the mobility to coordinate the body movements of a full swing. That’s why the Twitch Trainer golf strength training aid was developed as a thorough workout regimen. Power versus Strength If you develop flexible strength, the improved mobility stabilizes your body throughout the swing. If not, you will likely feel “off balance” during the most critical phases of the golf swing when swinging faster. Although you need power to launch the ball and escape a bad lie, you also need the:

  • strength to manage all movements and motion
  • flexibility to rotate in multiple directions
  • mobility to shift weight throughout the swing
  • coordination and timing to deliver the shot

Since a nearly perfect torso and hip rotation are required to manage your body motion from address through delivery, golfers need the proper golf strength training to develop a higher level of power control; as well as the ability to understand the body movements required during all swing phases of the shot. Although there are significant differences in golf posture, golf strength training can improve a golfer’s balance for a more neutral posture.

How to Add Stability to Your Golf Swing to maintain the proper club path during rotation, you need enough strength to keep your body posture stable throughout the swing process. If you lack stability, you may need to improve your range of motion, this involves golf strength training designed to increase flexibility and coordination. Twitch Trainer is the hottest new golf strength training aid that allows you to focus your efforts on controlling pace, pattern, coordination and connection regardless of the club that is needed to make the shot. Our golf training aid improves your coordination to wind-and-unwind smoothly and provides an external source of feedback in real time. If you do not have the strength to control and transfer force through the trunk of your body, you may have excessive tilt and unwanted movement during the swing. Twitch Trainer helps eliminate faulty motions that can result in a loss of clubhead speed, reduced power production and an increased risk of injury.