It is not surprising there are so many golf swing trainers and exercise routines that claim to add distance to your shot. For most golfers, the desire to hit a long ball begins on the practice range and intensifies in route to the first tee. But, how often have you decided to swing the club faster only to lose your balance due to a lack of mobility that failed to clear your hips quickly enough to accurately deliver your upper body power? Using a golf swing distance trainer requires a special commitment to improving your body’s strength and power for a coordinated movement through the entire swing process. Wind resistance training (with a golf swing distance trainer that has real science behind it) offers a simple way to apply natural forces to the upper torso, core and lower body in one movement.

Train Using the Same Motion Needed to Hit the Ball

Twitch Trainer allows you to use the same exact motion needed to hit the ball from tee to green. After all, the only way to hit the ball farther off the tee box or to carry a water hazard in front of a distant green is to swing the golf club faster. Of course, that is much easier said than done. Although adding muscle strength by pumping iron with a professional trainer is popular with many young pro golfers. However, tour players spend unlimited hours developing the:

  • flexibility to allow for a more powerful rotation
  • strength to manage a major weight shift
  • stability to maintain balance through the swing
  • raw power to deliver a faster club head speed

Golf swing distance training using a Twitch Trainer can prepare your body to move significantly faster during your golf swing. Rather than pumping free weights in a gym, you are using a training aid that simulates the exact motions your body must perform on the course. Moreover, unlike adding a donut weight to the shaft of your club, our golf swing distance trainer creates a natural drag to reduce the chance of injury caused by an unnecessary pull on your joints and spine.

Looking to Improve Your Swing Accuracy?

If you are tired of having to rely on your short game to make up for a lack of distance, you need to build a swing that delivers the results you want. Regardless of sex or age, golfers want to hit the ball farther but hitting the ball with added length depends on consistently creating a faster club head speed with greater accuracy. Using wind resistance allows for a natural drag that requires more inertia to accelerate and make changes in swing direction from address thru impact. After all, having length off the tee as well as with your irons provides an unfair advantage whether you are playing a round of golf with friends or competing in a local tournament. Following the Twitch Trainer training guide can save you time and money as you develop the strength, power, flexibility, stability, rotation, balance and movement to hit the ball further. Get started today with the best golf swing distance trainer available; and use the time you save working on the putting green.