An efficient golf swing requires a coordinated movement with good balance and control from the time the ball is addressed through a smashing impact with the ball. Having the additional power to hit the shot is useless without the strength and flexibility that are essential for balance and mobility. A lack of strength limits your range of motion, which correlates to a loss of distance and accuracy. Unfortunately, most swing faults are the result of poor fitness or insufficient rehabilitation, which limits the golfer’s mobility making it impossible to swing the golf club effectively. Using a swing speed device for distance & control, helps eliminate poor swing mechanics that waste energy and increase the likelihood of injury. Too often it is assumed that a weak swing can be fixed with correcting technique without addressing physical limitations.

Twitch Trainer for Maximum Club Head Speed

A manageable increase in swing speed depends on a golfer’s strength to deliver maximum power at impact. Using a swing speed device like the Twitch Trainer can deliver:

  • resistance training to enhance strength & power
  • flexibility to prevent overuse and recurring injuries
  • cardiovascular training to boost muscle endurance
  • core body exercise to improve balance and stability

Twitch Trainer utilizes a full range of body motion and joint movement to help you fine tune your performance ability. Plus, an advantage of using wind resistance for strength training is the reduced risk of injury from the repetitive exercises.

Swing Speed Training for Senior Golfers

In addition to being more fit, a practice regimen using wind resistance for swing speed training can help prevent the loss of lean muscle associated with aging. Nowadays, golfers are playing competitive rounds late into their senior years, so maintaining healthy muscle mass ensures they have the physical strength needed to play a round and the flexibility required to swing the club properly. Our golf swing speed device increases the amount of force a golfer can produce as well as enables them to achieve a faster club head speed. Moreover, the natural approach of Twitch Trainer for strength training helps develop a senior’s rotational power with precise body movements that are needed for optimum performance on the range and the course. Researchers have discovered the reason why seniors do not hit the ball as far when they get older is a loss of muscle mass. Since they lack the strength and flexibility to swing the club correctly, it also increases their risk of a nagging injury. Nonetheless, routinely using Twitch Trainer as a swing speed device, minimizes the loss of muscle mass and strength in both male and female golfers of all ages.